• Offer 24/7 appointment scheduling to your patients
  • Free up your telephone lines
  • Save time at patient reception
  • Free up your waiting room
  • Transition to paperless and filmless operations
  • Improve debt management​

One unified environment with 4 features:

  • Appointment schedule or requests
  • Patient pre-registration
  • Access to results
  • Online payment

Advantages  illustration

For the patient

  • 24/7 appointment scheduling available
  • No waiting time to schedule appointments
  • I can prepare for my exam and submit documents from home
  • No waiting time to receive my results, and I have access to my history
  • No need to travel, I can pay from my mobile device

For the radiology clinic

  • Time-saving for the secretariat: at the telephone lines, at reception, in back-office
  • Savings on image printing and reporting
  • No more juggling with different applications: fully manage your web portal from Xplore!

For the referring physician

A privileged link with radiology:

  • I make requests for my patients, and slots are reserved for me
  • I retrieve all results of patients I referred in one unified environment
  • I am notified as soon as the results are available


  • Extensive customization: replicate your branding
  • Interoperability: synchronize portal accounts with the general portal of your facility
  • Enhanced security between your web portal and your RIS

Communication with Xplore

Real-time bidirectional communication with Xplore appointments

Open slots on the internet directly from your Xplore appointment scheduling

Result supervision broadcasted from your RIS

Configurable questionnaires

Easily create questionnaires from Xplore administration (without IT knowledge)

Make them available on the portal during appointment scheduling or pre-registration

Retrieve data directly into your RIS

Appointment scheduling:

  • Double authentication via a code received by SMS or email
  • Prevent fake appointment bookings
  • Verification of patient's details
  • "Timeline" to visualize the different stages
  • Option to request an appointment if no slots are available


Visit preparation

  • Completion of appointment scheduling
  • Time-saving for secretaries:
    - Patient autonomously responds
    - Photo capture of necessary documents (prescription, health insurance card, mutual insurance card) integrated into the patient's Xplore file
    - Collection of informed consent

Online payment

  • From the portal or via a QR code on reminders
  • Possibility to withhold results pending payment
  • Linked to a Stripe account:
    Reduced maintenance cost compared to a connector with the clinic's bank
    - Enhanced security and confidentiality: banking details not transmitted to EDL

Result dissemination

For the patient and/or reffering physician: