Xplore AI

AI results available in the worklist as well as in the report, all while ensuring secure on-demand AI with anonymization...

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Xplore AI

Simplify AI for yourself!

Xplore AI enables secure connection between your Xplore RIS and AI providers

The sent examinations are automatically anonymized by the system

Our technology adapts to your tools, regardless of your PACS and the AI involved

Integration into the Xplore RIS Workflow

Displaying results in the worklist

AI "on demand" triggered simply from the to-do list

Facilitates shift scheduling (no need to open all images)

Quick technical implementation:

  • A single installation of Xplore AI provides secure access to multiple AI capabilities
  • Predefined routing rules enable immediate utilization
  • Maximum optimization; customizable rules allow adaptation to all environments (hospital, private practice, emergencies, etc.

Administrative simplification:

  • A single contract with EDL grants access to the entire catalog
  • One invoice consolidates all your AI activity