Shared schedules between facilities

Search of the earliest available slot for the patient

Optimization of medical resource and modality scheduling

Computerized appointment request


Management and validation of examinations and prescriptions

Validation of connected requests

Patient workflow: reception, billing, traceability, report generation..

Examination progress statuses

Traceability of injections


Activity analysis and multi-criteria statistics

All data in the database is available

Request scheduling

Lists, tables, charts, PDF and Excel export

Contextual link of the result with the RIS

Provided dictionary (Data Warehouse, decision-making tools) 


MyXplore on smartphones et tablets 

  • My schedule
  • My shifts, my appointments
  • My exams to dictate
  • My reports to validate
  • My stats, my activity
  • I communicate with my team, my colleagues


Billing monitoring​

  • Management of FSE, DRE, FT forms
  • Dematerialization of FT forms
  • Management of Noemie returns
  • Clinical payments management
  • Patient, insurance, and mutual fund follow-up
  • Bank reconciliation (optional)
  • Auxiliary accounting with export (optional)


Activity management portals 

  • Dashboards by establishment and/or territory
  • Unlimited tracking and management indicators
  • Analysis and sharing of information
  • Programmable, dynamic and in real-time

Patient journey / territory 

From appointment scheduling to instant results availability

With the patient's informed consent

Optimized journey within the service

And integrated into their care plan

Consolidated radiological history

Facilitating territorial collaboration

Digitization and dematerialization

Unified management of document production

Time optimization with voice recognition

Time savings on repetitive tasks

At the same time, security and confidentiality

Xplore Chat : Internal messaging in imaging

Dedicated, instant, secure, intra-Hospital groups

Remote real-time exchanges and collaboration

Compatible with smartphones and tablets

Tools for physicians

Prepare for RCP (Réunion de Concertation Pluridisciplinaire)

Enrich the thesauri

Track academic records