• Image archiving in DICOM 3.0 format
  • Interpretation console (XploreView)
  • Full web viewer (Xplore View Web)
  • All modalities (CT, MR, MG, CR, US, XA, etc...)
  • Support for multiple storage spaces
  • Compliance with current standards: DICOM, IHE, HL7
  • dvanced Prefetching / Routing management
  • Intelligent management of image lifecycle (archiving, compression, purging)
  • Retrieval of data from all other PACS on the market


  • Advanced storage space management
  • Activity analysis and statistics (multi-modalities and multi-formats)
  • Data grid printing, graphics; Export to PDF and Excel format


Advanced management in integrated mode with Xplore

Automatic DICOM routing and RIS-driven routing based on any criteria

Multi-criteria prefetching and post-fetching

Xplore IDLM management (link between multiple patient identities in the RIS)

No interface required in integrated mode

Assisted reconciliation of identities and examinati

Integration of CD/DVD with reconciliation

Dissemination of images and reports to patients, prescribers, and clinicians

Technical performance

Compatible with INS: National Health Identifier

Data security, reliability, and availability

Automatic anonymization of examinations before sending (search, cohort creation, etc.)

DICOM Web compatibility

Designed to meet the daily needs of imaging services

Intuitive, ergonomic, and customizable administration interfaces

Web-based PACS administration interface compatible with any platform: Windows, Mac, Safari

Strong integration with Xplore for identity reconciliation

Facilitated and centralized management: Project, service, support: One EDL contact person

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