Main features:


  • Prescription in INN
  • Physician prescription workflow management​
  • Validation by Radiopharmacists and Medical Physicists​
  • Configurable dose charts (weight, height, BMI)​
  • EANM Dosage Card

Follow-up of orders​

  • Management of orders related to appointments​
  • Standard, periodic orders​
  • Sending orders by email​
  • Reception with configurable radiation protection checks


  • Preparation elution, MRP, syringe​
  • Real-time activity​
  • Calculation of the activity to be prepared​
  • Display of preparation instructions​
  • Traceability of preparation steps​
  • Traceability of supplements​
  • Delay management​
  • Activimeter reading and calibration​
  • Empty syringe measurement


Radiation Protection Controls​

  • Fully configurable​
  • Disposal upon receipt​

Quality Controls of Preparations​

  • Fully configurable​
  • Expected values, sterility​

Device Controls​

  • Activimeter, Chromatograph...​
  • Management of sealed sources

Waste Management​

  • Management of multiple bins​
  • Status: open, decay, eliminated​
  • Calculation of disposal date​
  • Total waste traceability​
  • Printing of dedicated labels​
  • Radiation protection controls​
  • Management of supplier returns

Dedicated Functions

Rubidium / Krypton Generators


Cell labeling with blood sampling traceability

PYP Management

Registers and Statistics

Regulatory registers, prescription records...

Customizable activity statistics

Inventory status, expiration... 

Held Activity

Calculation of real-time held activity in the department

Email/SMS alert in case of authorization exceedance

Complete Interoperability

DICOM Worklist

Dosimetry MPPS and DICOM SR

Connection to Activimeter of all brand

Connexion to Chromatograph

Connexion to ECG / Stress test