Quality support for patient care

  • Proactive and reactive alert for exceeding NRD limits to anticipate and manage adverse events.
  • Provides support for managing discrepancies between internal and national NRDs.

Cumulative effective dose calculation

  • Provides support for managing cumulative doses throughout the patient's journey within one or multiple medical institutions.

Quality Control (QC) & Quality Assurance (QA)

  • Allows for limiting unnecessary radiation doses by comparing and analyzing doses by modalities and examinations.
  • Facilitates optimization of examination protocols and provides information on the wear and tear of ionizing radiation sources.


  • Compatibility: Windows - Mac - Android - Apple iOS (Full Web HTML5 Solution).
  • Multi-institution solution offering shared or differentiated site management.
  • Native integration with Xplore Radiopharmacy.
  • Transmits information on delivered dose to various Information Systems (HIS, EHR, and PACS) already interfaced with Xplore.
  • Offers an ergonomic and intuitive interface for simple and efficient operation.
  • Provides excellent stability thanks to quality components and a comprehensive administration interface.

Reel-time activity management

  • Multiple search criteria
  • NRD exceedance alerts
  • One-click image display in PACS
  • Classification and merging of examination descriptions within one or multiple institutions

Graphical representation of patient dose by examination and modality

  • Generates cumulative dose graphs delivered per patient
  • Proviedes a ratio of delivered dose by examination type and modality
  • Provides dose tables by modality
  • Extracts significant graphs through a data analysis tool

Statistics and report management tool

  • Aggregated statistics
  • Favorite-based statistics management
  • Patient history dose report
  • Examination dose report
  • Multi-format export

NRD management 

  • Displays exceedances of national and local NRD values
  • Allows addition of comments and justification for NRD exceedances
  • Displays dose distribution graphs with NRD recording
  • NRD historical graphs

Main features

Cumulative dose per patient by examination

Dose ratio by examination type

Multi-criteria statistical tool

Dose report per patient or examination

Dose distribution based on national and local NRDs

NRD history

Advanced features

Calculation of dose received by organs exposed to ionizing radiation

Graphical representation of skin dose

Provides adapted anthropomorphic phantoms (gender, age, pregnancy, etc)

Integration of organ and skin into reports